Student Involvement




Student Council:  5th graders can participate in this club. More details will be shared in the fall.

Meeting Agendas and  Notes:

February 3rd, 2017

February 17th, 2017



run  Running Club: This club is for grades 4th and 5th. Running Club has started! Club meets Thursdays after school. See the school calendar for exact dates.



download Somers Intramurals: Intramurals has started! Check the school calendar for times and dates!



bobBattle of the Books:

State Battle of the Books is for any interested 5th grader. State will begin in the fall.   Website

City Battle of the Books is for any 4th and 5th graders. Practices will be held in the fall. Website

Third Grade Battle of the Books meets on Mondays at recess. Our final battles are Monday May 1st 9:00am. Website


Any 5th graders can be a part of yearbook. Meeting are held Tuesdays at recess. We are working hard on our yearbook!

January 13th Yearbook Agenda


news Eagle Report: Any 5th graders are able to be an Eagle Reporter. Reports are filmed Thursday at 4/5 lunch. There may be additional meeting times depending on your role.

Eagle Report Submission Form– Teachers/students fill this out if you have something to share on our Eagle Report!

Eagle Report Agenda– For First Meeting


spellScripp’s National Spelling Bee
Here at Somers Elementary all students in grades K-5 have the opportunity to participate in Classroom Spelling Bees. Lists will be passed out this week. This year’s contest will include Spelling and Vocabulary components – if the list has definitions with a word children should study how to spell the word AND what the word means.  Each class can send up to 4 students to the Grade Level Bees.  The winner of our 4/5th grade Spelling Bee will represent Somers at the KUSD District Spelling Bee at the end of January.

bee-cartoon Black History Bee:   Coming February 2018!


4th and 5th graders will ALL participate in this vocabulary building activity.  Three times during the year they are given a list of words to learn.  A month later they will take a written test that tests their knowledge of the meanings of these words.  We celebrate top scorers at each grade level and their scores are added to a NATIONAL website that lets us know top classroom and individual scorers.  Ask your 4th or 5th grader if they are studying a list right now … you can help them figure out what the words mean and if any of the words connect with other words (mean the same as, mean the opposite of, goes along with).
All students can compete in the Analogy of the Week.  The Analogy of the Week is posted on the bulletin board.  Any student can try to figure out the missing word – look up words and talk to friends and try to find the answer.  Then they write the answer on the entry form and turn it in by room 125 on Friday before 9:00.  Winners will be announced on TV each Friday and will be posted on the bulletin board.
A SPECIAL THANKS to the SSC for their continued support in paying our entry fees for the WordMasters’ Challenge. Encourage your children to participate in these activities.

Competition. PARENT INFO


geobeeThe National Geographics GEOBEE & Geography Quiz of the Week

The week of January 9-13 will be the classroom bees.  The classroom bees are written tests and the top FIVE scorers from each room
will participate in the ALL SCHOOL BEE on January 19th at 9:00 a.m.
The ALL SCHOOL BEE will be a verbal test of geography knowledge. Info Sheet

stock   Stock Market Simulation- Millionaire’s Club- 3rd-5th graders can participate in the spring.