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Mrs. Berger’s Class January 5th                       Mrs. Jerry’s Class January 5th

Mrs. Berger’s Class January 12th                     Mrs. Jerry’s Class January 12th

Mrs. Berger’s Class January 19th                   Mrs. Jerry’s Class January 19th

Mrs. Berger’s Class January 26th                   Mrs. Jerry’s Class January 26th

Mrs. Jerry’s Class February 2nd                     Mrs. Berger’s Class February 2nd

Mrs. Jerry’s Class February 9th                      Mrs. Berger’s Class February 9th

Mrs. Jerry’s Class February 16th                    Mrs. Berger’s Class February 16th

Mrs. Jerry’s Class February 23rd                  Mrs. Berger’s Class February 23rd

Mrs. Jerry’s Class March 2nd                         Mrs. Berger’s Class March 2nd

Mrs. Jerry’s Class March 9th                          Mrs. Berger’s Class March 9th

Mrs. Jerry’s Class March 16th                       Mrs. Berger’s Class March 16th

Mrs. Jerry’s Class March 23rd                   Mrs. Berger’s Class March 23rd

Slideshows of Pictures: 

Valentines Day Fun- Mrs. Berger’s Room

Valentines Day Fun- Mrs. Jerry’s Room

First Days of 4K 

Mrs. Berger’s Gingerbread Animoto

Mrs. Jerry’s Gingerbread Animoto

Fire Fighters Animoto

Crazy Pizza Day and Character Book Report

Gingerbread Houses– Mrs. Berger

Gingerbread Houses– Mrs. Jerry

2016-2017 Library Dates:

Monday January 9th        Monday February 6th

Monday March 6th                        Monday April 3rd                     Monday May 1st



Clipart taken from www.wgsdmeetings.com