Family Newsletter

March 2017

Thank you for dedicating time to conferences.  If you had to miss the scheduled conference, please take time to reschedule.  Your connection is very important and directly linked to your student’s success.

Classroom safety lessons will begin this month.  We will introduce ALiCE as our framework.  Please follow up classroom lessons with discussion.  Key points include being alert, staying informed, and listening for directions.

As of March 6th, parents/guardians will be able to update contact phone numbers in the parent portal ofInfinite Campus. This allows you to bypass the main office to update your account.

Spring weather….at times… may be upon us.  Please continue to send appropriate outside clothing. Those windy, damp spring days can be bitter.

If you are interested in summer school, please discuss with your child’s teacher. Summer school for Somers boundary students will be held at Harvey Elementary.  The online registration window for boundary area students is from March 20th -May 12th.  Please submit paper registration to the main office.

Kindergarten registration begins April 26th online.  After registering online, parents will submit documents to the main office.  Watch KUSD website for specific information.

KUSD offers FREE summer recreation programs to students.  Open Online Registration will begin on May 3, 2017 for Swimming and other Instructional Sports Registration will begin on May 10, 2017.  No paper enrollment forms will be accepted and there are computers in the Recreation Department located at 2717 67th Street for you to use to enroll your child(ren) if you do not have access from a computer, smart phone or tablet. Click this link for more information

Wisconsin Forward testing begins March 20-May 7th.  This is the State of Wisconsin’s measure of  academic progress for schools.  Grades 3-5 will take Reading, English Language Arts and Math exams.  Grade 4 will also take Science and Social exams.  More specific information regarding testing schedule will be communicated through your child’s weekly classroom update.

Attendance at school every day matters!  Please be mindful of being to school on time.  Tardies can add up to an excessive level which has implications for your child’s learning.

We are so fortunate to have a staff and parent community of dedicated people who enrich our days with fun opportunities.  Thank you to all who work so hard providing our kids with the “extras.”  Upcoming events include:

March 3 All School Reading Rodeo in the LLC

Family Art Night (prior registration required)

March 7 All School Readers are Leaders Book Swap

March 10 All School PBIS Feather Event

City BOB Competition

March 16 SSC Butter Braid Fundraiser

March 21 SSC Meeting 6-7 LLC

March 30 &31 Variety Show Tryouts